Canyon of the Eagles, Local Attractions

Canyon of the Eagles Nature Park

Canyon of the Eagles is located just 10 minutes from Rainbow Hearth a Texas Hill Country Bed and Breakfast Spa Retreat Center.

Our guests can stay in our luxurious suites, and visit Canyon of the Eagles to enjoy the observatory, rent kayaks, or do many other outdoor activities.

Many people ask us “what to do” around Rainbow Hearth. The answer depends on you.

Rainbow Hearth is a place for people to come de-stress and reconnect with each other, with nature, and with their own spirit. For many, the thing “to do” while at Rainbow Hearth is a whole lot of nothing! In other words, relax! It can take a day or two just to let go and sink into a comfortable reality that doesn’t include buzzing alarm clocks, TV, appointments and activities.

We get wrapped up in our busy lives and accustomed to being busy and active around the clock - we forget what real relaxation can feel like! Enjoy your visit by sleeping in, taking naps, reading a good book (you can always borrow one of our books from our library), getting a therapeutic bodywork session, enjoying the scenery while sipping a cup of tea or just taking pleasure in the peaceful, beautiful surroundings.

Sometimes a nice hike, kayak adventure or other nature outing can be invigorating additions to our guests’ stay. And since we are a pet friendly bed and breakfast on Lake Buchanan, you can take your pets to Canyon of Eagles for some extra play time.

Below is a list of recreational activities offered by Canyon of the Eagles.

Canyon of the Eagles Park
Endless Outdoor Adventures on Lake Buchanan Texas

Canyon of the Eagles is a place designed for enjoying nature. Most of the 940 acres of Canyon of the Eagles Park have been set aside as a nature preserve for wildlife, such as Bald Eagles, Black-capped Vireo, and Golden-cheeked Warbler.

Located in the Texas Hill Country, 10 minutes from Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary and Retreat Center, Canyon of the Eagles offers:
14 miles of nature trails
5-miles private beach and fishing pier
Canoe, kayak, sail and paddleboat rentals

Other Activities Located at Canyon of the Eagles

Vanishing Texas River Cruise
Reservations are a must!
Located at Canyon of the Eagles

Scenic Wilderness Cruise (March through October)
Daily (except Monday and Tuesday) at 11 a.m.

View the awesome beauty of the Colorado River Canyon. Enjoy waterfalls, towering cliffs, abundant wildlife and the many scenic vistas along the river banks.


Wine Boat (summer)
Saturday at 1:30

Enjoy visiting a local hill country vineyard for wine tasting and a tour of the vineyard in addition to a scenic cruise of the Colorado River Canyon.

Sunset Dinner Cruise (May through October)
Saturday only (May-August 6 p.m., September-October 5 p.m.)
Treat your self to a relaxing evening aboard our famous cruise boat. Dine while viewing the awesome beauty of the Colorado River Canyon with its waterfalls, towering cliffs, abundant wildlife and many scenic vistas. Your evening cruise will be supplemented by entertainment from one of a number of musical artists.

Lake Buchanan Adventures
Located at Canyon of the Eagles
Kayak Trips and Rentals
Located at Canyon of the Eagles Park. Come enjoy five miles of lake recreation area. We have the largest fleet of single, double and family sized boats in Central Texas. During your visit enjoy 14 miles of nature trails, bedrock beach grill, and other outdoor activities for individuals, families, and groups of all sizes.

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