Texas Hill Country Spa Retreats

2 Available Texas Hill Country Spa Retreats at Rainbow Hearth:

Below you will find two spa packages: The “24-hour” and the “Stressed to the Max”. The 24-Hour Spa Retreat Package is available for one-night stays. The Stressed to the Max Spa Retreat Package is designed for 5 nights; however, we can customize packages for any number of days.

24-Hour Spa Retreat Package

  • Accommodations: Beautiful private suite* that encourages relaxation and restful sleep
  • Three delicious natural and organic meals per day plus snacks
  •  Two 1.5 hour therapeutic bodywork massage sessions
  •  Full use of facilities including spa and library
  • One Person Renewal Package: $429-$474 (price depends on suite selected)
  • Two Person Renewal Package: $472-$517 (price depends on suite selected)
    Price includes 10% discount on accommodation. Price does not include tax and gratuities.

*Please note that The Tree House Yurt is not available for the 24-hour Spa Special.


24-Hour Texas Spa Retreat Package Details

Sometimes, time is so precious that it is very difficult to get-away. However, a well-planned and restful 24-hour get-away can do wonders to refresh and revive a weary body and mind. A day spent on this spa retreat package in the Texas Hill Country will send you home better equipped to handle your daily routine.

Our 24-Hour Renewal Package nurtures your mind, body and spirit with therapeutic bodywork followed by peaceful soaks in the hot tub; tasty organic and natural foods that nourish your body; walks on trails through lush tree-covered hills; and private, restful surroundings that encourage much needed relaxation and restful sleep. You’ll leave Rainbow Hearth feeling completely renewed!


Stressed to the Max Texas Spa Retreat Package Breakdown

Solo Personal Retreat [one person]

  • 5 nights accommodations
  • 4 full days of meals [breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks] + dinner arrival day & breakfast departure day
  • 4 bodywork massage sessions [1.5 hours each]
  • $1407.10 - $1706.90 [depending on suite selection] including taxes

Two-Person Retreat

  • 5 nights accommodations
  • 4 full days of meals for two persons [breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, drinks] + dinner arrival day & breakfast departure day
  • 8 bodywork massage sessions [1.5 hours each]
  • $2169.85 - $2469.55 [depending on suite selection] including taxes

Note: Prices include taxes. Gratuities represent your opportunity to express satisfaction with services rendered and are not included in pricing quotes.

 *May be customized based on length of desired stay

** We can design these retreats to serve your specific needs, including extra-guest visits, meals missed and days added or subtracted. Prices will be adjusted accordingly.


Stressed to the Max Spa Retreat Details

If you fall in the category of Seriously Stressed-Out Person, you will benefit greatly from this extended retreat. When you have the time and willingness to leave your daily routine behind, multiple bodywork sessions and a supportive retreat environment can be profoundly restorative and inspiring.

Each consecutive bodywork session builds on the previous one. The starting point for the next session begins with your body being less stressed, allowing the therapist to go to deeper and deeper levels for more and more relief.
The 1.5 hours bodywork sessions often end with an essential oil and hot rock treatment, helping your body to relax deeply and quickly dissipate deposits of lactic acid and other toxins that have been released from tense, stagnant muscles.

Allowing yourself to relax and regroup between bodywork sessions greatly enhances the process. Enjoy delicious, nourishing food in a serene and lovely environment, walk, swim, stretch, journal, read, nap, soak in the hot tub – essentially staying in the present moment –and you will recharge your body, mind and soul.

And remember, we are a pet friendly bed and breakfast on Lake Buchanan to help remove one more worry when leaving home.


Rainbow Hearth Spa Retreat Reviews

“I am at my desk now, but my thoughts keep drifting back to my four days at Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary. I remember thinking beforehand, as I read about your "Stressed to the Max" special, "Wow, seems like a lot of money just because of a little stress in my life." Well, as you pointed out, it wasn't just a "little stress," and I can tell you now that it was worth every penny of it. The daily bodywork -- not to mention all the other great things about Rainbow Hearth -- has left me feeling like a brand new person. I'd forgotten what it was like to have energy, to move without constant aches and pains, or to be fully present to what is going on around me. Thanks to you and to Tracey for making my stay such a success! I'll be back.”

“More than my mental state, my physical state improved ten fold. Neither of us have ever experienced such a powerful and sustainable life change as we experienced at Rainbow Hearth—and I ‘know’ that we have only begun to scratch the surface.
“Our diet has remained as at our retreat. Organic as often as we can, mindful food prep, and lots of salads. We really miss your sprout salads. No sodas and we both have lost ten pounds.
“Mariah’s bodywork helped me reset my body, loosen my muscles and breathe. We are definitely improving our health and well being.”
-Genevieve Kitterman

"Before we came, my whole body was in pain from a flair up of fibromyalgia. It was put in check with a healing massage from Mariah, several soaks in the hot tub (with its incredible view of Lake Buchanan), peaceful walks and delicious healthful meals. I left Rainbow Hearth pain free, rested and my spirits high, ready to return to work and our busy life.

"The peaceful atmosphere, the wonderful caretaking ....starting with our room, and attention to details all met our expectations and more. Robert and I will certainly return to Rainbow Hearth for another healthful and restful retreat."
-Sue Austin and Robert Smith, Fort Worth, TX

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