Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary is a 7-acre Permaculture homestead begun in 1981. Our challenge was to bring life, soil and water back into this severely overgrazed and damaged land. We have learned how to catch and hold our rainwater, helping the land become a fertile and fruitful sponge—a process that involves the minds and beings of the inhabitants as much as it involves the land itself. And, the progress we have made is most satisfying! If it can be done here, it can be done elsewhere!

For the hundreds of trees, shrubs, herbs, and flowers we have planted and continue to plant, we are blessed to be able to pump water from the lake for only the cost of electricity and the cost of the system. Our water system includes more than a mile of water pipe and driplines.

 We feel that solar technology is currently completing a cycle of development that will make solar collectors increasingly affordable and useful. Our first solar conversions will be for lighting and hot water.