In Memory Of ... Richard Rainbow Cloud Gerstner

1938 - 2007
Master Builder of Rainbow Hearth, Spiritual Seeker, Minister, Healer, Beloved Friend, Man of the People

Richard died of cancer in early February 2007, surrounded and supported by the people and home he had loved and poured his life into for more than 20 years.  A few weeks before his transition, he put words to his perspective on life and living.

Why I am Here in this Lifetime
I don't know Who or What God is.
I think God is the energy that flows in all things.
I think that God is all intelligence
I think that God is Love
I think that God is everywhere - in all things
Therefore I think God is within me

I think that God is continuing to change
because all things are changing
I think that I give God a physical experience
that is not possible to have in a non-physical form
Therefore God is learning from me

I like two sayings from Unity
I am God as the wave is part of the ocean.
I am not THE Ocean

I am God as a grain of sand is part of the beach
I am not THE Beach

As part of God, I am a co-creator with God
On that which I put my attention is what I experience
My job is to focus on being joyful
and in so doing will attract Joy into my life

I can experience God most fully in the silence
Dwelling on the past is not silent
Fretting about the future is not silent
Being here, now, in the moment
Is being silent

I am bigger than my physical form
There is another non-tangible me
that has lived many life times
It is called my "soul" or higher self
and goes by many other names

It is the enduring part of me
that is growing and learning as I experience the physical

As part of God, Love is paramount to my existence
I must "be loving" and "receive loving" on a par with each other
if I am to "become" love
Not "All love" but a part of ALL LOVE

In the "silence" I have access to ALL INTELLIGENCE
It is easy to understand that I cannot contain ALL INTELLIGENCE
Rather, I have access to it
Some describe being in the silence as "being in the Field'
The Intelligence I need is available to me
when I am in the silence of being in the field.

When I truly understand that God is in all things
I can look at a rock under an electron microscope
I see that the rock is mostly energy
What is that energy?
My mind says it is part of God that is in all things

I have been blessed to be able to see energy
I see the colors of the chakras as described by many
Some years ago the color fuchsia entered my color screen
It is a beautiful translucent color that I now see everywhere I look for it

I know that when I am looking at and experiencing fuchsia
I am looking at and experiencing God

All of what I have written can be wrapped into a directive for daily living.
I am to become as quiet as I can be.
That necessarily implies that I must live in the present moment
When I am in the present moment
anger (deals with the past) and fear (focus on the future) are not present

In the quietness of the present
where there is no anger or fear
there is only Love and Intelligence
It is possible to live in the present moment

Another gift of being in quietness is a substantially increased psychic awareness.
The source of that awareness is the information in the field
When Love, Intelligence and psychic abilities coalesce in healing
healing will be the outcome, if it is the will of all participating

Of course, there are different levels of quietness
But all are available to us
Some call "where one hangs out mentally, emotionally and spiritually"
As that person's "assemblage point"

It is as though we are attached to this point by a rubber band
When we are pulled away from our normal place
the rubber band pulls to return us to
the location of our assemblage point

Sometimes the rubber band is stretched to beyond its capacity
so that when the tension is released
we are returned to a new location for our assemblage point.

We can intentionally stretch the rubber band beyond its normal limits
(as when doing personal growth work)
And sometimes it is stretched when a crisis occurs in our lives
as is happening to me now

I am blessed to be able to be in the silence most of the time
It started with applying the techniques of Silva Mind Control back in the late 70's
In recent years, the work of Robert Petteway and Cynthia Zaal
have taught me how to hold my assemblage point
in a very quiet in-the-present zone

During this last major crisis of my life,
acknowledging these principles at work within me
makes it more easy to see the strength of quietness and Love
and the power they have over fear
Beauty is what remains

Tribute for Richard Gerstner


Christian Kuehn

A "Spirit Totem Portrait" by his niece - Shepherd Rayfield

Chris Kuehn, Mariah's father, joined us at Rainbow Hearth in late1996, shortly after the two-year period in which the doctors told him he should be dead. He had "gotten" the message about being able to restore his health, and was using cayenne pepper in large doses to strengthen his heart. With us he added high potency nutritional support and lots of love. Within a few months, he was helping with construction, ultimately spending as much as 8 hours per day at it. Two years later, he took a bad fall off a ladder. That was the beginning of the end and he was not able to get his strength back this last time.

Chris contributed significantly with his energy to the Rainbow Hearth Vision. We miss him and are very grateful to him.


Remembering Chris
Wise man
Student of the Earth

Thinker, methodical doer
Engineer, tinkerer
Levers, pulleys, wedges, knots
Finder of solutions

Holder of dreams
Of gold to be discovered
Elusive treasures
Flying machines

Private man
Watcher of sunsets
Antelope wariness
Innermost feelings hidden away

Silent cries for love
Blinded when it appears

Holder to principles
Critical judge
Subtle humor
Cynic of the future

Trips to the mailbox
Dogs in the back
Hoping to see a critter

Riverwalk Cafe
Lemon meringue for him
Coconut creme for me

A glass of wine
Two rounds of cribbage
Dear friend
(Richard - 2000)