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Guest Information for Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary and Retreat Center

Rainbow Hearth Amenities

Bodhi will welcome you (unless he is on a walk with guests). He is very friendly. His (minimal) barking is to let us know that you are here. Please do not allow him to jump on you to be petted. He does listen and will obey a firm voice.
If we do not appear to greet you, please take the rock walkway in front of the buildings over to the large stairs. The dining room is up the stairs and to the right.
Bodhi has the understanding that it is his responsibility to protect the guests. He will want to guide you along the trails, showing you his favorite spots. If you don’t want him trailing along, firmly tell him to “Go Home!” or "Stay." He will be somewhat disappointed that you don't want him along, but he will go home.


Please bring a phone card for your long-distance calls. Alltel is the only cell-phone company that will work here with certainty. AT&T has worked for some. Other service providers usually cut in and out.

Kid Friendly? Maybe, Depends

Rainbow Hearth is a retreat environment. For guests, that means quiet, peaceful, nurturing, restful.For parents who come to Rainbow Hearth to spend quality one-on-one time with their children, this environment works out well. They take the kids on nature walks, do bird watching, fish, swim, play games, etc.
There is no playground and the natural environment is not one where kids can be turned out to play. There are dangers, including prickly things, slippery rocks by the water, and possibly (though unlikely) a poisonous snake or insect.
When other guests are present, please do not allow your children to be loud or to run around unsupervised.
Also, there is no kids' menu, although we can make some accommodations.
For parents who come here with that in mind, Rainbow Hearth works out well. It is an environment free from artificial stimulus and is a place to connect with nature and your family without modern distractions.

Pet Policy

Pets are allowed at Rainbow Hearth’s discretion under special circumstances. You must call first and speak with us about bringing your pet. The decision partly depends on which suite you plan on staying in, as some suites carry noise to other guest suites and pets would potentially disturb other guests. It also depends on the breed, temperament and manners of the pet you are planning to bring. Pets must be housebroken, cannot sleep on the furniture and guests must clean up after their pets outside. $10 per day for each pet.

Your Satisfaction

Let us know right away if there is anything with which you are dissatisfied so that we can correct it immediately, if possible. Before you leave, we would appreciate any suggestions you may have for us. Your referrals are a sign that we are doing well and you are our best advertising!

Things to Bring

You will be in an outdoor environment, so make sure that you bring the right clothing and supplies for your comfort and well-being. Things you may want to bring include:


• Sunblock
• Insect Repellant
• Ointment for insect bites
• Aloe Vera (for sunburns)
• Comfortable shoes for hiking and/or walking
• Swimsuit for swimming in the lake
• Water shoes (they make getting in and out of the lake easier)
• Sunglasses and/or hat
• Light jacket or sweater

Outdoor enthusiasts may want to bring their:

• Fishing pole, bait and tackle
• Mountain bike
• Walking stick
• Day pack for water and snacks
• Kayak or canoe

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Rainbow Hearth Amenities



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