Texas Spiritual Retreat Package

Spiritual RetreatGuests frequently report that their experience at Rainbow Hearth was beneficial to them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Benefiting physically is easy to understand. The restorative process of healthful foods, getting therapeutic bodywork, exercise and plenty of rest, all contribute to a person's physical well being. This Retreat is designed for those in need of deep rest and major stress relief.

Mental and emotional benefits are also easy to understand. Rest, exercise, soaks in the spa, restorative bodywork and quiet time, all contribute significantly to mental vacationing. The absence of newspapers, radio, and TV, as well as limited phone calls, not being on a schedule or having to interact with others are factors that lead to restfulness.

With physical, mental and emotional needs being nurtured and satisfied, you will have more precious time to focus on spirituality. To be quiet in nature, meditate, write, read, walk, stretch and regroup. Some guests read enlightening books and engage in introspective activities and thoughtful discussions. Others find time for unrushed prayer and quiet time at the ancient ceremonial site on the ridge. Combining physical, mental and emotional rest with spiritual seeking in a sacred place creates a sense of personal expansion, clarity, integration and inner peace.

Guests often describe a factor of their spirituality as being intimately connected with nature. Walks in the woods, sitting quietly by the lake, listening to the sounds of nature, enjoying a swim, identifying birds and plants, getting up for a sunrise, watching the sunset, taking in the vistas, tracking stars across the night sky - all come easily at Rainbow Hearth, leaving guests feeling refreshed and empowered in multiple ways.

If you are looking for a spiritual retreat near Austin, Texas, Rainbow Hearth's Hill Country retreat center offers a peaceful and supportive environment. We're happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about accommodating your needs.

What's Included

  • 2 nights accommodations
  • Dinner ... arrival day
  • Full day of meals [breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks & drinks]
  • Breakfast ... departure day.
  • Massages are NOT included but may be added for an additional charge.

Choice of Rooms [ Prices do not include taxes. ]

Blue Heron
$447 [1 person]
$534 [2 persons]

Sunset Guest House
$495 [1 person]
$562 [2 persons]

Sky Loft
$515 [1 person]
$582 [2 persons]

Tree House Yurt
$535 [1 person]
$602 [2 persons]

NOTE:   Prices listed on our website may not be current.   For the most accurate pricing, please visit our booking engine.

Custom Retreats

We can design these retreats to serve your specific needs, included meals missed and days added.

Reviews from Past Guests

"I came to Rainbow Hearth for a week of solitude, self- reconnection, relaxation, and spiritual renewal in this peaceful, close-to-nature setting. The food was exceptional day after day. And, the sprout salads were awesome, and even more so considering the love and attention I saw Mariah put into their growing and harvesting. My physical signs of stress were erased by Mariah's tender and psychically skilled hands. She chose essential oils to meet my specific needs, and the hot rock meltdown was indescribably wonderful.

My week at Rainbow Hearth left me spiritually and physically transformed. As I head back to Wisconsin, I know I have become centered and grounded by the gentle, loving, and positive energy provided by this sacred land and its caretakers."

-Linda Frost

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