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Oh how we thank you for supplying such a peaceful place. The relaxation was just what we needed!


The Floyds

What a wonderful, restful, peaceful place to come and rejuvenate. It was just what we needed. The meals were delicious, healthy, and creative - it gave us ideas on how to improve our healthy eating. We enjoyed talking with you and learning. You are a wealth of information and a joy! We loved our massages and feel well rested!!

Thank you so much for such a treat!

Many Blessings,

Cindy & Randall Traywick

What an incredibly lovely and enchanting location for a fabulously wonderful vacation/retreat. The meals were all a marvelous treat for the palate. The body work was exactly what this body needed. Ill be back for more of everything!

Thank you,

Kathy Cochran

Thank you so much, my friend! You always know what ito do to get me relaxed & back on the track! I treasure my time here @ Rainbow Hearth, and you have me as a life-long customer!!! See you in 3-4 months!


Dear Mariah,

Thank you for:

          Sharing your wisdom

          Showing the way

          A healthful experience

          Nurturing my heart

          Spreading peace

          Helping me to stand tall

          Sending me home with an open heart


Rainbow Hearth is a special place.

I will never forget the kindness and healing feeling I received during my stay. I will feel truly blessed if I am able to return in the future.


Sheri Sailor

The food was wonderful, very friendly staff. I loved the décor in the room and all of the wonderful places on the property to sit and relax ( i.e. Medicine Rock). It was a very relaxing weekend.

I came hunched over and Im leaving standing tall. I can feel myself shifting towards more balance.

Kelly and Sue

We had some tremendous family experiences. Thanks to the staff and the other guests for their hospitality and understanding. A special thanks to Mariah for her vision, grace, and friendliness.

Peter Gordon and Family

Thank you for the lovely experience. Great space and energy = deep healing.

Allen Traicoff


Dr. Beth was right. Youre simply a miracle. How wonderful it was to be with you this week of all weeks. The bodywork was fabulous, the meals delicious, the room lovely - and the company - incomparable.

Ill be back. Many, many thanks!


Dianne Ferguson

We loved our time here to connect with Mother Nature and enjoyed the peace and quiet here. Mariahs body work got me started back to the right path of health.

We plan to be back again, this year.


Devi and Eric

Thank you so very much for your hospitality and generosity. The home cooked meals were amazing. It was so nice to eat meals similar to what we make at home but that taste even better. The calmness and beauty of this place are just what I needed. It is great that there is so much to do here also with the lake, parks, riverboat tour we had a nice balance of activity and relaxing. Our room was lovely as well. Thank again for a wonderful 3 days.



I loved everything about his place! I loved that its location is beside a beautiful lake with trees and flowers. The sound of the water on the rocks is one of my favorite. The food was healthy, delicious, and satisfying. I loved the view from our room. I think we picked the best one. Sunny was a delightful tour guide. The staff was friendly, welcoming, and helpful. Thank you for building a place like this that brings so many components together to make an all around relaxing get away. Im still feeling the relaxing effects of the body work.

Thank you!


We definitely love it here. This has become our favorite place to get away and relax. You will be seeing a lot more of us.

Mike and Irene Martin

Thank you so much for your healthy hospitality! The garden room is quiet and comfortable. I so loved the deep chimes. Lets not forget the bodywork, last night was the first night in a LONG time that I did NOT wake up in PAIN!

Cary and Lisa

My husband surprised me with this wonderful getaway. With four kids, a full time job, and many hobbies and activities, I needed a place where I didnt have to do anything. The massage was exactly what I needed and completely relaxed me. Thank you for a perfect, relaxing getaway!

Angie Walker

Thank you all so much for your patience with Casey and Bruce but they -and we- have loved our stay here! It is such a beautiful and peaceful place - so glad I chose this place to relax on my vacation.

Alli and Kyle

Awesome stay! Khalil, Taz, Saya, and I will be regulars. Thank you so much for your hospitality.

Ayako Mahtani

We enjoyed our stay very much. It was exactly what we were looking for. Thank you very much for your excellent service. We are looking forward to coming back soon.

Ingrid and Forrest Smith

Thank you for a wonderful vacation. Relaxing, peaceful, and comfortable. I will carry the beauty of this place with me long after we depart.

Haley said she wishes she could stay here forever.

Stephanie Hataway

I came here to escape the wonderful chaos of my life. I say wonderful because it really is, but it doesnt allow me much time to get close to God/ Spirit in the way that is most effective for me. Here I was able to do that, in the beauty of the lake, the comfort of the Sky Loft, and the peace of your land and Medicine Rock. Thank you for your wonderful food, especially the micro greens and sprouts, the fantastic water, and the entire experience. I will definitely be referring you and Rainbow Hearth to others.


Thank you for all the loving care you give through your wonderful food. The yurt is a beautiful room and the bathroom is a special gem. I feel the love you give the land and spaces you have created.

Maria Elena

Truly a sanctuary for heart and soul with nourishing and welcoming accommodations.

Thank you!

Kay Kemp

What a wonderful few days! The setting and the food, the camaraderie were all fabulous! I really dont know how it could have been better. Im looking forward to coming back soon and bringing my husband.


Susan Guidry

Thank you so much for your extra care with my meals, it was SO appreciated! I enjoyed my stay so much and especially enjoyed visiting with you.

Hope to see you soon,

Mary Ramain

I enjoyed my stay here, I can tell a lot of love went into everything thats been done. The cookies and chocolate were heavenly. It was very nice and peaceful.

Thank you for a wonderful peaceful time,

Marilyn Ragsdale

Relaxing ... so relaxing. We did absolutely nothing and enjoyed every second of it. The food was fantastic and has inspired me to make better (nutritious) food for my family.

Thank you so much!

Jana and Michael

This was a very relaxing experience and the food was great. Will definitely recommend this place to others. Thank you very much!

Pete and Alex

Having experienced years of debilitating back and neck pain, I have had many forays into various therapies, some of which brought some and sometimes temporary relief. Finding Rainbow Hearth and Mariahs skilled hands and amazing inner strength was like a pot of gold at the rainbows end! I feel totally confidant that I can now go forth and "heal" myself with the guidance she has provided. She is unequivocally the BEST therapist I have ever encountered - degreed or otherwise. In addition the quiet and peace of Rainbow Hearth is a tonic for the soul in itself. The food is healthy and amazing!

Thanks sooo much!

Gail and Ray

The saying "words cant describe how I feel" rings true about my stay at Rainbow Hearth.

But, Im going to try.

For years I have searched for places to help heal my body, mind, and soul. Ive been on many retreats in awareness of this mission. Some have helped. Some, Ive rested. Rainbow Hearth is the place that has worked in all of these areas for me. I found such peace for my soul. My mind slowed down and Mariahs bodywork healed my body in places that I didnt know I had. I can say I have found a balance inside and outside of my being. Rainbow Hearth has places to hike to that lift my spirit. I cried, I laughed, and could just BE. My mind is clear, my body is healed - this brings my soul joy to live in balance.

The food is DIVINE,

The scenery is DIVINE,

Mariah is DIVINE,

The room that I lived in is DIVINE,

Body work is double DIVINE!


We had a wonderful time! We really enjoyed the moonlight through the roof in the Yurt. Hot tub was great with a relaxing view. The tub at the yurt provided relaxing time together with my beautiful wife. We will be back!


David and Frances

I came here expecting a relaxing retreat and received so much more. Love, peace, healing (yes I believe I was healed), nurturing and rest. I am leaving with more energy and expectancy than I have had in months! I hope to send others your way and to see you again one day. I love the animals and will think about Bodhi and his journey. Bless Sunnys heart she is a joy!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!


P.S. I can breathe!

Our stay was wonderful. We were looking for a peaceful getaway and we found it!! I loved the convenience of having meals prepared for me! The food was great! Yummy cornbread and coffee cake - The Sunset Guest House was wonderful! Truly great sunsets!

Thank you for everything,

Mike and Irene

Thank you so much for a lovely stay! I had no idea what I signed up for when I scheduled my bodywork, but I am so grateful for the experience. Thank you again!


I so enjoyed my stay at Rainbow Hearth! Thank you for sharing so much of your spirit, talents, and space with us. Many blessings to you!


It was so great to see you again after all these years. Thank you for sharing your special getaway with my dear friends. I will try to keep the peaceful feeling going...



We had a very enjoyable experience. It was a very relaxing atmosphere, quiet and peaceful. The food was delicious!

Thank you!

Greg and Lori

It is amazing how this place was exactly what I was looking for. I couldnt be more please.

Thank you!

Lori Cassidy

A good place to get away, be encouraged, restored your strength, and discetn direction. I highly recommend the personal retreat for those who are so inclined.

John Frost

We have enjoyed our time. The room was perfect, very relaxing. We loved the drinking water and hot tub. We will come back and will recommend this to our family and friends.

Barbee Condit

As relaxing as always! A wonderful way to spend a quiet Christmas. Were going to try to visit when the weather is warmer so we can take advantage of "our" porch!


BJ and Dennis

Thank you kindly for your generous attention and hospitality to both me and my dogs. I arrived feeling worn and beaten down and ma departing with renewed strength and clarity. This was certainly what I needed.


We really enjoyed our stay here at Rainbow Hearth! It was a truly relaxing experience and helped us regain our center, at least for the weekend. Thank you so much for your lovely bodywork, food, and of course Rainbow Hearth! The stay was fabulous and Kenny and I truly enjoyed ourselves. Thank you for taking away our stress and letting us be newlyweds. We will be coming back again!

Kenny, Sophia, and Roch

We enjoyed the view and the food was great. We will be back as soon as possible.

Hudgins Family

We had a fantastic time! The accommodations, the food, the bodywork, and especially your hospitality made for a very enjoyable weekend. Thanks for Rainbow Hearth - we will be back!

Scott and Shelley

My husband planned this as a surprise for me. I was surprised! We stayed in the "Treehouse" and I loved it! I loved the bath house too! It was a great retreat away! Thank you so much for having us!

I appreciate the lack of distractions - it really allowed us to re-connect to each other.

Thank you!


I brought my husband to Rainbow Hearth for his birthday on Nov 1st 2010. These five days were the most peaceful and relaxing vacation we have ever taken. Mariahs massages - we had four each - were indescribably wonderful!

We had a totally awesome time!

Sandra and Larry

First off - thank you for your hospitality and kindness. Well definitely be coming back! The whole experience was refreshing and relaxing. We needed this weekend more than we realized! The food was delicious and we loved the sprouts! All of the animals here were just great - I know our dogs had a blast with their new friends - especially Sunny. The bodywork sessions were Fantastic! Like nothing Ive ever experienced and I cant wait for my next weekend here, and the next bodywork session. Rainbow Hearth was a great escape, but it felt like coming home! Well see you again soon!

Rachel and Dale

Thank you for a wonderful stay. We enjoyed the great food, peacefulness, and wonderful views. We will be back!

The Nasser Family

Everything about this place is wonderful. But what really puts it over the top for me is your pets. I live in a small apartment so I cant keep a pet, especially someone you can sink your fingers into like Bodhi. Seeing them interact, and being able to love on them brought me a lot of happiness.


My friend and I found Rainbow Hearth on the internet. Every search came up with RHS. We had faith that this is where we needed to go for a "retreat" and is it ever a retreat of the "heart and soul". Our purpose was to bring my friends husbands ashes to a place of rest. Little did we know how much each of us would benefit from the experience.

It was peaceful, calming, healing, and joyous and we even were able to play Scrabble, read a book, take photos, and hike. What was incredible is the sunsets and not wanting to leave the land.

The experience for me on Medicine Rock was life changing as were all the experiences. I received messages at every rock. We had beautiful weather, sunshine, and clear skies. The last day for me was difficult because I did not want to leave. It was windy, cloudy, and cool. We came to honor a true friend, husband, and someone who left his footprints on this earth. We came away with transformation of grief, the past and a place of retreat. Mariah is a true healer, teacher, and guide.

This land is sacred and so are our lives.

 It touched us ... it touched those in the past and will touch many in the future.

This land is our land.

Thanks for sharing this land.

Marsha and Amy

I arrived one day spiritually blocked and grieving. Three days later I emerged tons lighter, open and joyful, sad to leave but knowing I would return. Under Mariahs guidance, an already spiritual location has become a place of whole body, whole spirit revival. Magic. Allow yourself the experience.

Dorothy Newcomb

Such a delightful experience! I feel 1000 x better - and I didnt even know how badly I felt. This is an amazing place and I already know several people I will be sending this way - including myself!

Jacob Kimbrough

Life changing experience for both of us! An experience to treasure for the rest of my life. I enjoyed every aspect of my entire stay. Will return again ... and again ... and again! Mariah, you are the greatest! You have taught me so much about awakening the "inner me" in order to live the rest of my life better and more prosperous! Thank you, so much, my friend.

Gwen and Larry

Loved our stay - when my husband said he was finding a "B&B" I had a preconceived mental picture. This experience surpassed my imagination! Thanks for crossing our path! And I love how you have put sinks in the bedrooms - good thought.


The experience here has been amazing! The only regret I have is that we cant stay longer. The level of comfort, quiet, tranquility, and safety that you find here is unmatched. Mariah, thank you so much for a wonderful retreat. We will definitely be back, and next time we will stay awhile!

The bodywork session was amazing! I walked away feeling lighter both mentally and physically, today feels like a new day! Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful sanctuary with us, it has been a wonderful experience and we cant wait to come back! Thank you again for all the delicious meals this was a perfect way to spend a birthday!


Erin and Eric

What a delightful, restorative time. Just what I needed. Rainbow Hearth is a magnet for "community", and Mariahs hands are magic. May you grow enough to prosper but not so much as to lose the intimacy.




Thank you for a truly wonderful experience. I can immeadiatley feel a difference in my body. You have a beautiful healing place here.

Peace and Light


Thank you Mariah for such a peaceful and relaxing experience. Everything was wonderful. We will definitely be back and share this place with our friends.


Colleen and Bob

Thank you so much for everything. This place is so powerful. The bodywork was magical. I will take it back and use it. We will be back.

Love and blessings,



Matt and I thank you sincerely for the insight and healing you give and encourage in others. The love and care you show for your guests and for nature is truly inspirational ... a beauty to behold. This vacation has been one of the most relaxing weve ever had. We are more relaxed than we have been in many MANY moons, and we thank you from our deepest hearts.

We plan to utilize the inspiration to help us to better health and to strengthen our relationship ... with each other, with others, and with nature.

We pray for you to have continued good health, peace, love, strength, and perseverance. May your heart and home be filled with abundant joy.

With love,

Mary and Matt

Eric and I had the exact weekend we hoped for - relaxing and rejuvenating. We will definitely be back. Thank you for your hospitality and the tip on the buffer for bodywork! My pregnant legs appreciate it soo much. Our best to you!

Thank you again!

Leigh Ann and Eric

Thank you for your giving spirit and thank you to you and your husband for building this retreat space filled with renewing energy! What would we do if we lived life at top speed and didnt have places like this to renew the soul!

Buena suerte - Good luck - in realizing your hope of living part - time in Costa Rica. Renew your spirit! You give so much! Your healing hands are a God - send. Thank you for sharing that through the bodywork!

Liz Carrizal

Coming to Rainbow Hearth was life changing. The personal growth I experienced in 2 short days was profoundly healing. There is a calmness in me that wasnt there before. The peace and serenity I feel at this present moment I will cherish forever. For the first time in my life I feel grounded.

Thank you Mariah!


We enjoyed our stay tremendously and hope to find our way back soon. The food was fantastic as was the bodywork, the lodging, and everything else.


The Silvers

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Everything was wonderful: the room, the food, the relaxation, the company and conversations, and especially the bodywork. I swear, the bodywork sessions with you are, for me, more than just a massage - it is truly an almost spiritual experience.

Dianna Martell

What a wonderful time we have had. Good food - wonderful body work, privacy, quietness, wonderful service in every way. Thanks so very much!

Carolyn and Nell

We had a fabulous experience. The hospitality and setting were great and the body work was phenomenal.

Alma and Tim

An idyllic getaway - cozy, comfortable, welcoming, guaranteed to soothe your soul and revitalize your spirit! Abundant wildlife and gorgeous views of Lake Buchanan. Terrific meals prepared with the freshest ingredients.

And bodywork by Mariah! Knowledgeable, perceptive, skilled, her healing hands and generous spirit provide so much more than "just" a massage. I arrived exhausted, stressed to the max, in pain, my neck and shoulders tied in knots. I am leaving relaxed, much more aware of my bodys needs, and equipped with a number of suggestions for not only maintaining, but also increasing, my sense of wellbeing and personal integration.


Lovely stay, thank you! Room was very comfortable and made us feel very comfortable and relaxed. Everything in the house worked very well and meals were excellent.

Thank you for a great stay!

Richard and Sarah Perry

Rainbow Hearth and Mariah are exactly what my body, mind, and spirit needed but didnt know. The bodywork felt as transformational as Medicine Rock and the food was glorious in its simple freshness. Thank you!



Holly and I so enjoyed spending our July 4th weekend with you, your lovely place, and the other guests! Our time at the beach, the swim to the other shore, your delicious healthy meals, an excellent game of Scrabble (our first), and the walk to Medicine Rock! We loved our time here and look forward to our next visit.

Sia and Holly

Thanks again for your hospitality, second year in a row! We are back and happy as ever. The nourishing environment and your healing powers make Rainbow Hearth a very special place for both of us. And, our canine "children" loved it and had the time of their lives!


Victoria and Pete

We had a wonderful time! It was very relaxing and nice to get away from the city. Our dog Dexter also had a wonderful time. Sunny gave Dexter the tour of fun places to go. Everything was fantastic and we cant wait to come back again.

Don, Tara, and Dexter

We have tremendously enjoyed our visit. It is so peaceful and the animals added many smiles. They are fun to watch and they protected us at the door. Thank you for the body work. We both feel so much better and the pain in my neck is not nearly as bad as it was. Hope to see you later.


Margaret Walters

This was one of the most incredible, relaxing "get away" we have ever been on - The hospitality was amazing as well as the food! Its so beautiful and relaxing here. I will definitely be back soon! I look forward to our next visit. The service we received was incredible! Thank you so much Mariah! Hope to see you soon!

Justin Lester

We absolutely had a great time. The bodywork was outstanding and made us all feel so much better. I feel 10 years younger after only 2 sessions. The food is outstanding and its even good for you too! We look forward to coming back real soon. Thank you so much for a great time.

Philip, Susan, and Laura

We stayed in the sky loft which affords an expansive view of the lake. We were treated to a wild night of lightning displays across the lake that included "W" shapes and even loops. The massage was magical and deeply penetrating. I felt that years of holding patterns of tension was loosened and lifted. The food was so delicious and healthy. We especially liked the term "alive and screaming" salad, right from the garden. The beautiful landscaping gave us a nice balance of sun and shade, color and shapes.


Seina and Gail

 Two days in paradise was all it took to nurse my soul back to vitality! Thanks to Mariahs nurturing spirit, delicious healthy meals, healing bodywork and caring attitude, I am a new woman!

With love and Light,


It was a wonderful experience, so relaxing and peaceful. Thank you Mariah, for your thoughtful hospitality.


This trip has been beyond my expectations, and exactly what Ive been needing. The environment is so peaceful, everything adds to the relaxation Ive experienced. I came here full of stress, with my back in knots. After my bodywork session I felt as though everything started to melt away. The relaxing environment, the bodywork, the delicious food all added to my experience. (Im not a big salad person, but I will miss the microgreens. I began to crave them!)  There is a magical nature to this place. Youve been a great host and Im sad to be leaving. I am definitely inspired to move forward in my life with less stress. Thank you!


We experienced unfiltered blending of relaxing restoration and rest, tranquility, gentle musings of our host, Mariah, of place and peace - lingering in the delightful dances of her microgreens and organic coffee aromas.


Every aspect of this place is healing- healing in the sense of bringing wholeness and opening the heart. It has been a blessed three days and I will be back! (Soon, I hope ... ) The food, bodywork, atmosphere, human and animal companionship have all been extraordinary. What a beautiful, sacred peace you cultivate. I am inspired - I hope when I leave here I will carry a little bit of this spirit out into the world with me.

Thank you and Blessings on your journey.

Amelia Yant

Thank you Mariah for your hospitality. This was exactly the getaway that I needed at this time. I feel very lucky to have found this beautiful place and to have the opportunity to explore the property. I only wish I could stay longer, but hopefully I will come back soon. Again, thank you for making this so enjoyable and pleasant.


Words alone cannot express how wonderful the experience is. The food is great, the service fantastic, and the massage is divine! Rainbow Hearth is my sanctuary from the outside world. Thank you Mariah for everything - you are an awesome woman.


What can I say? Magical, peaceful, transforming - just what I needed for my life right now. Havent slept more than 6 hours at a time in - well, cant remember when. I feel like Im on the road to recovery.

Thank you,


Rainbow Hearth has provided an amazing experience of relaxation and stress relief. From the comfortable rooms to the excellent meals, Rainbow Hearth allowed all worries to be freed from your mind. The bodywork session was an amazing journey that allowed us to grasp a deeper connection and awareness with our bodies. It wasnt like any other massage therapy. The session was specific to your personal problem areas and needs. There is a whole different level of relaxation that you reach through these bodywork sessions. All in all, this weekend has been an amazing experience that will transfer into our lives back home.

Megan and Mike

This is our 3rd visit here. We always hate leaving this tranquil, quiet, and peaceful place. It is nice to know of a place that allows you to "reboot" or "distress" from ones everyday life. The bodywork sessions are incredible and worth the "process" to work through all the tensions. We appreciate your hospitality to both of us and Luke (our dog).


Michael, Gracie, and Luke

Thanks for a relaxing time. Enjoyed my 2 massages. Im feeling so much better physically and mentally.

Lydia Ayala

Weve traveled around the world, and this is one of the most magical places weve ever stayed/ The treehouse yurt, rainforest bathroom, and delicious/nutritious meals were all a one-of-a-kind experience. Mariah was very gracious, and we loved our stay.

The Shahs

Thank you! We had a wonderful time. The body work was amazing and just what we needed. The food was fantastic. I dont think Ive ever taken a vacation where I felt healthier and stronger at the end as I do now.

Nick and Victoria

If youre looking or a quiet, safe place to heal body, mind, and soul, Rainbow Hearth has the potential to change your life.


Lynn and I enjoyed the serenity of Rainbow Hearth so much. Lynn experienced Mariahs bodywork and describes the healing touch as "intuitive". I found the food delicious and look forward to revisiting the Medicine Rock for insight.

Best wishes,

Lynn and Curtis

Our time in the treehouse yurt was wonderful. It was a unique experience. The bath house was great. But - the Bodywork sessions were the absolute best! Mariah has a real gift and we are so glad we got to enjoy it! Well be back and well send our friends!


Rainbow Hearth was a very relaxing experience and lovely. The silence and well being that permeates the land, rooms, and dining is very profound. One feels a sense of being taken care of. The views are fabulous, rooms are calming, and the meals were perfect! Thanks for being and for providing a safe space.

Susan Lee

The sunsets are amazing but the sunrises are magical. The ambiance is medication for the soul but the bodywork is transforming and brings you back to wholeness.

Emilie and Kim