Retreat Packages Available At Rainbow Hearth

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How Our Packages Work

You are welcome to book a stay at Rainbow Hearth that does not include massage. You may also request to have all your meals here, or some meals, or none at all. Be aware that we are quite isolated, and choices are limited. Canyon of the Eagles Park [10 minutes away] has a restaurant, and Templeton's Tavern [15 minutes away] has pizza.

Many of our guests want to leave the concerns of the world behind for a while, drive as little as possible, relax and unwind. If this is you, scheduling one or more massages will really help the process. However, we don't always have massage openings available; so you will need to call/text/email us about scheduling.

Since you will have to contact us directly before you can book massages, we decided to just give you some ideas of focus points for your stay at Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary. The only time we give discounts is when you book two or more massages - we'll give you a 10% discount on your room rate for investing more fully in your health and peace of mind!

Retreat Ideas

  • Bring Your Sweetie - This is a popular idea and works very well. No meals to cook, no dishes to wash, comfortable beds and chairs, spectacular views, trails to walk, quiet and private hot tub, lots of quality one-on-one time. What's not to like?!?
  • Bring Your Friend[s] - Also works well for all the reasons listed above, PLUS you can all have your own bed, if you want one. The Sunset Guest House has two bedrooms [a very rare find, BTW] and a large covered deck with gorgeous views of the lake and sunset. And it's just around the corner from the Hot tub room! Both the Sky Loft and the Blue Heron have a bedroom, and a sitting room with a long-twin daybed, so you can enjoy both companionship and privacy when desired.
  • Bring Your Dog - Having your furry buddy by your side and happy is a Big Deal for many of us Humans.
  • Bring Your SELF - SO many women [men, too!] love the freedom, safety and nurturing they feel when they book a personal retreat. I used to think the massage was the biggest thing, but solo retreaters tend to appreciate getting fed with delicious home-cooked, hand-chopped, lovingly prepared MEALS! And no dishes to wash. And homemade chocolate for dessert!
  • Bring Your Creativity - Write a song, finish that book you're writing, paint a sunset, clarify your goals, values and visions, practice your yoga and qigong, sit under the stars and remember how vast, mysterious and wonderful Life is. You get the idea!
  • Bring Your Exhaustion, your Overwhelm, your Grief - and be willing to leave them here. The plant kingdom, especially trees, tell me our emotions are just "compost" to them - just energy they can transform and use.

Booking packages online can sometimes be frustrating. We LOVE to talk with our guests, and are always happy to help with your booking. Please email us at or give us a call at (512) 756-7878 and we will build your reservation to include all your needs and requests.

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