Amenities and Activities at Rainbow Hearth

Internet Access

Rainbow Hearth has wireless Internet access for guests with laptop computers. Guests staying in the Garden Cottage, Blue Heron and Sky Loft should be able to get a signal in their suite. Sunset Guest House and Yurt Tree House guests may have to bring their computer to the main lodge to be in range of the router. Remember, you came here to get away from work and modern distractions, so turn off your computer for most of your stay!


LibraryJust off the main dining area is Rainbow Hearth's library. We have a large selection of books that our guests are welcome to borrow during their stay. In addition, you'll find a few games and cards for guests to enjoy.

Hot Tub

Hot TubSoaking in the hot tub, while taking in a sweeping view of Lake Buchanan and sky, contributes significantly to relaxation and detoxification. The spa room is always open, so our guests have no trouble securing private hot-tub time. The hot tub promotes added relaxation after a bodywork session with its 5 different therapeutic jet stations. We encourage hot-tubbing "in the buff," as detergents, perfumes and body oils in clothing add contaminants to the water. Feel free to lock the door and hang the "do not disturb" sign on the door for privacy. Water quality is monitored and balanced regularly.

The hot tub is located in the bathhouse (near the driveway and next to the Sunset Guest House), and there are showers with soap and shampoo, towels and a bathroom for guests' convenience.

Piano and Guitar

Musicians will love playing our piano and acoustic guitar. Instruments are available for guest use in the main lodge dining area.

Outdoor Activities

FlowersGuests can choose from numerous outdoor activities to suit a variety of tastes and fitness levels.

Fisherman can catch bass and catfish right off Rainbow Hearth's shore, rent a boat to seek out their private spot, or book a fishing excursion with a local guide.

Photographers, bird-watchers and nature enthusiasts will take pleasure in the plethora of wildlife and beautiful scenery. Guests may be treated to jumping fish, deer drinking at the lake, graceful, soaring birds and darting, colorful birds alike and flowering plants and shrubs.

Hikers can meander through seven acres of meadows and small forests of junipers, oaks and mountain laurels from the shoreline of Prana Point to the top of Thunder Ridge, the highest vantage point on the property. Vegetation includes lush thickets of shiny-leafed mountain laurels and evergreen sumac, and native Texas persimmons with their silver-gray, skin-like bark. At nearby Canyon of the Eagles, 14 additional miles of hiking trails are available to the public.

Swimmers can jump into the lake and splash around at Rainbow Hearth's shoreline. Boats, kayaks and river cruises are also available from local companies. See our Canyon of the Eagles section for more information.

Medicine Rock

Medicine RockThunder Ridge at Rainbow Hearth was used by indigenous Americans as a sacred ceremonial site. A sophisticated seventh-generation medicine woman described the ridge as "the most energetically supportive place" she has ever experienced - second only to the Chartres Cathedral in France. Many persons who have walked the Medicine Rock have reported life-changing insights.

At the Medicine Rock the usual procedure is for the visitor to invoke a prayer for insight about some aspect of his or her life. Regardless of your religious preferences, the Medicine Rock should not be an issue for your faith. Spiritual leaders from a variety of religions have visited the Medicine Rock, including ministers, priests, nuns, medicine people, shamins, and Buddhist teachers.

Some thoughts about prayer while at the Medicine Rock

Medicine Rock FlagsPrayer is a communication with God, however we individually and personally name or define God, in a manner that is appropriate for us and for our personal beliefs. Prayers at the Medicine Rock are your prayers and usually contain a request for answers and insights to be received while at the Medicine Rock. Your prayers at the Medicine Rock are to God, not to the Medicine Rock. The Medicine Rock is not the source of the information! We don't know why prayers are answered or insights are received at the Medicine Rock. We do know that people consistently get meaningful answers and insights here. We sense that the respect given to this site and the ceremonies performed here over several centuries activated a sacred space. Perhaps it is as simple as the way we focus our attention on our walk around it.

One of Richard's passions was the deep healing work resulting from people doing their personal prayer walks at the Medicine Rock. Before Richard's passing, he developed instructions for self-guided walks of the Medicine Rock with personalized chronological log sheets that allow you to do the walk on your own or with a partner.

Since Richard's passing in February 2007, many individuals visiting the Medicine Rock have felt the wise and gentle touch of his spirit. He has been reported by several intuitive individuals to have a place on the council of Spirit Elders who spiritually oversee activities connected with the Medicine Rock.

Instructions and worksheets for your prayer walk at the Medicine Rock are available at Rainbow Hearth on your visit. The staff is also available to help answer questions you might have.