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Rainbow Hearth is a place to retreat, to center one's self, to rebuild one's health, and to reconnect with the Earth. For many it serves as a monastic-like setting-providing an environment that encourages both reflection and positive action.

Personal spiritual convictions are considered private, but are honored, respected and supported. Religion is viewed from an ecumenical (universal; at its core recognizing our oneness) perspective, and religious beliefs are considered to be a personal matter-with emphasis instead placed on how a person interacts and behaves as an outward expression of inner beliefs.
Rainbow Hearth provides a supportive environment for artists, teachers, and leaders to restore themselves, read, write, develop their art forms, and prepare themselves for their future work.

Rainbow Hearth has been practicing Permaculture, gardening, plant propagation, landscaping, and water preservation for many years, providing a universal model of what can be done in a fairly harsh environment.
Rainbow Hearth Sanctuary has been substantially enriched by Native American, Tibetan, Buddhist, Shamanic, Christian, Jewish, and other spiritual cultures and rituals. Through the guidance of qualified leaders, Rainbow Hearth can provide space for sacred ceremonies, vision quests, personal retreats, seasonal ceremonies, and rites of passage.